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A Sunscope Production

Based on The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe.

Caesar Cuellar as Roderick Usher
Autumn Barr as Madelyne Usher

Ed ended up taking 16mm 1 again at a later date. He dropped our class shortly after writing the storyboard for Usher.
So here's Mike, John, Autumn, Caesar and myself

Lights, Camera.. ACTION
Mike Kerr on cam, Caesar with the candle that SHOULD be lit, and Forrest's on the right pretending he's directing.



Blow out the candle.. oh.. nevermind
Caesar on the left, and Autumn coming in the doorway on

her way to blow out the candle that's not even lit!


Autumn on the left, John pretending he's using the camera,

myself getting a light meter reading and Caesar just being cool.


Caesar as the dead Roderick Usher


Autumn. My star actress. Sometimes I just like looking at her.


Caes with a smile


On the left is John pretending to use the camera and that's me,

flickering the flicker stick to make the light on our subjects look like candlelight.


Mike, my main man is our 16mm camera god.

Last Updated December 2, 2005