EuroBound - March 2005


Cardiff / London / Dublin / Liverpool / Amsterdam / WASHINGTON!?

When in Dublin I transferred some photos to CDROM. Here are a few selects of those, in a random order!
Dublin - On St. Patrick's Day, the bartenders painted my beard like a mirrored Irish flag.

Dublin - I made a mate out of Keith, a local

Liverpool - Me in front of the George Harrison home and birthplace.

Cardiff - I hadn't seen Gregory this millenia.

Cardiff - Castles can be fun!

Cardiff - Me and my two best friends.

London - Joanna (Greg's girl) and myself.

London - Gregory Andrikopolous and I in a Blues Brother themed bar.



Summer 2002 - Dan kidnapped by Cirque Du Soleil

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EuroTrip 2005 - The Details are hazy...
Kwana, <unknown>, Oni, Roman, Nick, Dan in Boston for Cirque Du Soleil's "Phoenix" aftershow party September 2002.
Dan and Meep for a Promo in August 2002
Kate Swelstad & Dan's Phish Tickets for Summer Tour 2000,
Rita Willemstyn and Dan in Grand Rapids 2001,
Jeff Weir and Dan in Jason Roth's Too Dead To Die, (Shot December 2001)
Dan with the Box of Evil and Charlene Dunn, Jon Gleason and Dan from Rich Anderson's Spiral Bound (Shot Summer 2000)
Dan with Rosanna Perez Triguero in Boston, September 2002.

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