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Black 47 20th Anniversary Celebration
Black 47 celebrated 20 years of being together by acting like it's 1989, complete with a 1989 era cover charge. They rocked old classics mixed with brand spanking new material from the forthcoming Bankers & Gangsters album

Bankers & Gangsters [8MB] (Second time played)
Rockin' The Bronx [15MB]
Izzy's Irish Rose [10MB]
Red Hugh [14MB]
Different Drummer [6MB] The Low Anthem and Surprise Me Mr Davis together at the Bell House in Brooklyn 8/26/2009
The Low Anthem
Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around [6.7MB]
** New Untitled Song > Home I'll Never Be (Jack Kerouac and Tom Waits Cover)[10.5MB]
This God Damn House (by Dan Lefkowitz)[5.1MB]

Surprise Me Mr. Davis with The Low Anthem
Cigarettes, Whiskey & Wild Wild Women Sally Where'd You Get The Liquor From [6MB]

Kojo Modibo Sun has given us a new outlook, a new musical being. Call it a genre, if you will, they call it Harlem Rock. Remember what Harlem did for Jazz? Kojo Modibo Sun is taking Rock into the stratosphere on this one.. fusing rock with jazz, gospel and soul, this is what the next generation of musicians will be influenced by.

I recorded this for an upcoming documentary we are making about Harlem Rock.

3/7/2009 Live tracks from the CD Release Party
Race The Sun
We'z Burnin


Christine Hoberg in the East Village doing a set at BOA (BarOnA)


The Low Anthem iPod/iPhone downloads from Firehouse 13

Live 2/6/2009

This God Damn House

Home I'll Never Be (Jack Kerouac Cover)

Charlie Darwin

Sat down with They Never Sleep just outside of Detroit, MI

Here is "Never Enough" performed live iPod/iPhone download

Featuring Mike Hard (Thrall, The Brain Saw, Godbullies) -Vocals David Livingstone (Godbullies, Thrall) Adam Berg (Godbullies, Thrall, Queen Bee, The Czars) Karen Neal (Queen Bee, Thrall, The Brain Saw)

The Low Anthem stopped by PSYOP for a psyession in the basement performing, For the Ghosts Who Write History Books

Download "To The Ghost Who Write History Books - PSYOP Psyessions" for iPhone/iPod

Boston/Brooklyn's much loved trio Meowskers
Union Hall Park Slope Brooklyn NYC
Silent Alarm
New Years Day 2072
Worst Thing in Heaven
Blood Intended

Detroit boys the Electrix Six came to Music Hall in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn and invited me along to record them. Here's the encore in MP3 format

When I get to the Green Building
Dance Epidemic
Gay Bar
Germans in Mexico
more to come!

St. Patrick's Day Eve with Boston's The Slip at The Double Door in Chicago.

The Soft Machine
Even The Rats
Suffocation Keep
Broke > Children of December

Mike Chorvat and Dan Wade from Treaty of Paris perform Hello Nurse Acoustically, Backstage at Metro, Chicago.

Hello Nurse (Acoustic)

Cealed Kasket Halloween Show 2006

10/31/2006 Chicago, IL

Cealed Kasket live at Martyr's.

Cealed Kasket Theme > Three Teams

Meth Joust

Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet @ Subterranean

Chicago, IL 10/20/2006

2_1 [7MB]


Chris Berry & Panjea @ Subterranean

Chicago, IL 10/20/2006

Ready [13.7MB]

Why Do We [17.8MB]


Gunnelpumpers at Betty's Blue Star Lounge

Chicago, IL 10/12/2006

Fractalopia [24 MB]

Pyrrhic Meditation [22 MB]


Court Jester Acoustic Set @ Stadium West

Chicago, IL 09/16/06

Hollywood Girl [8MB]

It's So Easy(Gun's 'N Roses cover) [8.9M]

Detroit Crunkstars 5/31/06

5th Ave Detroit, MI (Comerica Park)

Fleetwood > Drink Beer [24 MB]

Fuked Up [8 MB]

Dawg [13 MB]

Hippo > Stranglehold > Soup [22 MB]


The Fray, 03/30/06 Saint Andrews Hall, Detroit

Have You Ever Seen The Rain? > Dead Wrong [5.8MB] (Creedence Clearwater Revival Cover into an Original)

Cable Car (Over My Head) [4.9MB]

2006 Hamtramck Blowout


2/11/2006 Natives of the New Dawn

@ Detroit's 5th Avenue

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This [5.2 MB]

Thrill of the Hunt [6.4 MB]

Bliss [7 MB]

Never Leave The Bar 'Till You're Asked To Leave The Bar [6.4 MB]

[For more songs uploading check here]


The Strange - Detroit, MI
Atwater Block Brewery
Superbowl XL Weekend

Marching On [6.4 MB]
National Anthem (Radiohead Cover)[7.8 MB]
In The Garden [4.8 MB]
In Drift Away[7.7 MB]

2005 Comerica Tastefest - Detroit

The Hard Lessons - Pure Detroit Stage 7/1/05
Fit To Love You [4 MB] ** NEW SONG **
Milk and Sugar
[10 MB]
** Wind noises were un-avoidable due to weather conditions **

Los Lobos - Main Stage 7/1/05
I Got Loaded [8 MB]
What's Goin On? (Marvin Gaye Cover) [Currently Encoding]
Pawn Shop (Sublime Cover)
[10 MB]
La Bamba > Good Lovin' > La Bamba
[7 MB]

WasteFest Afterparty at the Belmont in Hamtramck

Haf/Life 7/1/05
Brain Cold Sex [4 MB]
Buried Alive > Paranoid
[7.4 MB]
Motor City Murder City
[3.8 MB]
White Girl, Big Black Booty
[3.9 MB]

Johnny Headband 7/1/05
Let's Go To Dinner[8.4 MB]
** The following tracks have special guests Gin & The Anvil from The Hard Lessons **
Disco Inferno (Electric Six Cover)
[6 MB]
(Hall & Oates Cover)[4.4 MB]

The Hard Lessons 7/2/05
How It Is With Me [2.6 MB]
Gin's Freestyle > Fit To Love You
[5.2 MB]
Come Back To Me
[8.7 MB] Dance Commander (Electric Six) Tease > Inspired/Admired [2.9 MB]
Stop! Stop! Stop!
[3.2 MB]

(Tripped out, Hopped up, Countryfied similar to Erik Estrada Blues Enchilada version)


2005 Hamtramck Blowout MP3s from Bulldog, The Sights, The Hard Lessons, Broadzilla, The Strange, Howling Diablos, Makkafroi, Loretta Lucas, Birdgang & Teenage Alcoholics recorded live in Hamtown March 2005.

Gordon Bennett Live at the Magic Stick 8/21/04
Thunderstruck>Day In The Decade **AWESOME**
Sweet Sixteen
Transaction Time
Whipping Post Jam>Survival
Happy Birthday Dan! > Molly Molly > Star-Spangled Bannner>Only Can Say **AWESOME**

Gordon Bennett - Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI 7/30/04
Molly Molly
Star Spangled Banner
Only Can Say
Burnin' & Lookin > Sympathy For The Devil

Clovis Minor - Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI 7/30/04
(Billed as Stick Arms)
End Of A Minute **AWESOME**
Different Way

Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Commander
D0Cs birthday party Greektown / Detroit,MI
D0C is Drunk (1.3MB)
Homeless Dance With Shoes On (7.6MB)
Mascara,Goodbye Highway (6.6MB) **AWESOME**
Daughter Dolcia & Her Heart Attack(16.1MB)

A Darker Broadcast - The Shelter, Detroit
Ambulance Riding (4.1MB)

Glen Phillips, Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI
Walk On The Ocean
(4.6MB) [With Justin Silver]**AWESOME**

Student Driver Band - Roadrunners Raft, Hamtramck, MI
Love Again (5.4MB)
My Crutch (4MB)

Press Club, Berkley Front, Berkley, MI
In The Rain (7.4MB)
Over Now (2.6 MB)
19 (4.3MB)

The Twilight Babies - Buddha Lounge, Detroit, MI
Set 1
Freebird > Highway of Fire(7.6 MB)**AWESOME**
Ballad of Chinook (4.8 MB)
Set 2
Dust (6.9 MB)
Piper Cried > You Are My Sunshine(12.2MB)
Forlorn (7.5 MB)

Makkafroi in Detroit hometown favorite The Well
Old Shoe (2.1 MB) **AWESOME**
Fill Up The Room (1.5 MB)
When Are You Coming Home? (2.4 MB)

Cool Dry Place - Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI
Aim (2.8MB)
When Doves Cry (4MB) **AWESOME**
For You (7.5MB)
Lost that Loving Feeling (4.5MB)
Prayer (2.6MB)
Same Way (3.2MB)
Storm (5MB)
Without a Word (3.9MB)

I played some records for my friends in Cirque Du Soleil on Independence Day in 2002. I recorded it all to my new DAT Tascam DAP-1 recorder.

1 & 2 were warm-up tracks.
3. Morning Bell (Both Versions) - Radiohead
4. Piper - Phish
5. Thoughts and Words - The Byrds
6. John The Baptist>Slide Song - The Afghan Whigs
7. Write My Name In The Groove - His Name Is Alive
8. Sweet Son of a Bitch>66 - The Afghan Whigs
9. Cosmos (Carl Sagan 1970s Television Music) over 66
10. Rough and Ready - Jeff Beck
11. Sunshine of Your Love - Cream
12. Whats Happening? - The Byrds
13. Nothing Special - His Name Is Alive
14. Eight Miles High - The Byrds
15. Story of the Ghost - Phish
16. CTA 102 - The Byrds
17. Story of the Ghost - Phish
18. Santana Jam
19. Where Is My Mind - Pixies
20. Paranoid Android - Radiohead
21. Gigantic / Paranoid Android Overlay
22. Paranoid Android
23. Gigantic / Morning Bell - Radiohead
24. Let Down - Radiohead
25. Morning Bell
26. His Name Is Alive Overlay
27. Gigantic

Rosanna Perez Triguero is a huge Pixies fan so I had to keep playing more for her because she would get totally excited!! I love that girl.

Paul Is Dead - The Beatles - Revolution # 9 in reverse clue

Download the Remix of the infamous More Cowbell skit AKA Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult & The SNL Crew w/ Christopher Walken (With some Nazareth mixed in)
MoreCowbell.mp3 **AWESOME**


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