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Two Chez is the second installment of the Ones and Zeroes trilogy. It was shot first, actually, at this point in time (Nov 2000) the other two haven't even been written yet. For more info on Ones and Zeroes, go here.


Say the line damnit. All right Who are you?
You'll never work in this town again.
I'll just do it myself.


Hey. How's it goin? Did you just take a picture? I'm making a movie here!
There's Darlene Bos next to me. Darlene played Foxy Bos! My girlfriend. Next time I write Darlene in as my girlfriend I'm putting a make out scene in.



I used Chris Boden in my Film & Video Art final as well as Two Chez. 


Tab A into Slot B. No that doesn't work. Huh?


Here we have Mike Chittuck. Him and Chris played the Wankers in Trench Coats. Who were after Chez from start to finish.

MikeKerr_1 MikeKerr_1 WankerShoot_1
WankerShoot02_1 WankersTakeDan_1 Darlene_1
DanCamera_1 MikeGunSelection TwoChez01

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