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Two Chez is the second installment of the Ones and Zeroes trilogy. It was shot first, actually, at this point in time (Nov 2000) the other two haven't even been written yet. For more info on Ones and Zeroes, go here.

No. We're not at xoom anymore. That was SOOO 1999.

Banners from back in the day.

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TwoChez Prologue_1 WankerChris_1
DicklessWonder_1 WankerLeader_1 TwoChezTitle_1


Who do you think you're dating? Mark Samp?

DanandDar_1 DanDar2


This is the most expensive part of the whole thing.

DanDar4 OpenTitle_1
ChezRunning_1 FeetRunning_1 TGIRunthefuckaway


We'll be playing the part of a couple of wankers today...


Can we stop running yet?

WankersAlley.jg_1 EnterRK_1 Mike
MikeTree_1 WheresChez_1 Louise02_1


Hair boy, why did you leave me at the bar?
Excuse me, who are you?

WheresChez Louise1
Louise_1 wankersenter


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