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Well, I'm writing. As usual. This time I'm a bit more excited about it than ever before. I am also working on a CDROM, which will cost you about $7 if you want one. You want one, so just e-mail me now and I'll send you one.
Edgar is also writing. We're not really working on anything besides just writing now. I know... we're boring.
My, my my... Dan and Edgar working together again? That's right, you read it correctly, the Tres Cojones are back in business. Edgar's next film, set for production in Chicago early next year, will have me in the forefront, working directly with my Chi-Town homeboy. I really don't know what Ed's film is about at this point, other then he wants to close out his GVSU career working with the one he started with. (Me, dumbass.)
     As for myself, I am writing Only As Far Away As The Next Breath. Yes, the title is a bit long-winded, but I'm keeping it that way. The film has three portions, which will be intertwined in a Citizen Kane-esqe storytelling  extravaganza. Breath will start shooting in February on MiniDV format. At the moment, it's looking to be about 45 minutes long. I am exporting it to color 16mm film after editing. Some think this is a bad idea, but digital video is becoming a prime choice for independent filmmaking and I'm looking to get my feet wet.
  Breath will star my roomate and co-writer, Edgar Boettcher IV, Pamela Buha, Nicki Pattuew, Jeremy Horning and Myself. Others will have smaller roles, such as Jana Serrell, Dave and Rebecca Valko as well as some other TGIFool's in bit parts.  Breath follows the adventures of Edgar and I through relationships with the two girls, as well as the me dealing with the fact that the girl I love spent many a horizontal time in a dark room with Jeremy before I met her. Flashback scenes will be animated,  you can read about that below. Breath will hit Sundance and Cannes in early 2001.
    My new film will have lots on animation in it, but barely any by me. Well, I will probably have to do some in-betweening, but the main character design, etc will be done by Jason Roth. Jason is my Director of Animation for Only As Far Away As The Next Breath. I love Jason's work and am very excited to have him satirize me in one of my own works. Every time there is a flashback sequence and the characters are talking about something, the viewer will see what they are talking about in an animated form. Enter Jason. Jason will draw hilarious renderings of Edgar and myself and our adventures in yesteryear. Through Transformers and other grade school memories with Jeremy (also a key figure in the film.) Animation will be completed roughly during the fall of 2000, so by then, I'll let you know what's up!

Here's what Dan is up to writing/etc.

Well it's coming up on February. I'm working at Digital Video Services and trying to write some scripts for my finals. Pretty, exciting, huh?

January 21,1999

25 Faces (25 Faces of life?)

We are presented with 5 different stories of life events.

Twenty Five different people tell us their stories, but you never hear one person tell the story for long. You are constantly shifted from life to life, person to person, to make up 5 completely non-linear stories.
*** I can't decide if (a) this should be animated. (b) I should write a script and have people follow it word, for word. Or, just let people tell thier own stories.

Donovan's Travels
Here's what I have so far for Donovan's Travels - Plot for Donvan (MS Word Format)

Untitled Animation about Armenian Genocide

I will be turning this into an animated story, maybe similar to this. (Both are in MSWord format)

january  5 1999

I just finished my first claymation. It costed me 15 dollars. It was actually a lot of fun playing around, messy but fun. Vickie in the resource room helped me out, we just played with the clay making figure and then I shot 470 frames under the camera with the video lunchbox. It totalled near 15 seconds, not including my cheesy credits that I just put under the camera by hand. It wa actually a big joke to do the credits that way since no one will really see it except my friends, right?
Click below to see my piss poor first project for Animation 1. We all took 4x6 notecards, drew a picture, traced it, then someone else got one of our cards. The assignment was to turn your picture into someone elses. Eventually, i'll get the loop where everyone goes into someone else. Mine would be in the middle somewhere. But here's mine by itself.


Click here if you have Shockwave.
(Click HERE to get Shockwave) 

Ed is amist filming his 16mm 1 project. They got rained out but they rigged up something to protect the 650 watt lights, so it all worked out good. He's writing the memoirs to be included on the brand spanking new Ed Bio Page. Which I think just looks fab!
The Phillip Glass showing was pretty cool. Chris, myself and Prof. Philbin ran the projector in the auditorium while some crazy 3 peice orchestra played wild Philip Glass music. It wasn't meant to go along with the films but it sure looked like it did! People seemed impressed when leaving the theatre.
It was amazing to see a film I made THAT HUGE ON THE SCREEN. Film is WAY cooler then video.

October 18

 Phillip Glass Orchestra's "Usher". There is an exhibition, a film showing and the performance. At the film showing Mike and I's 16mm Film Production final exam will be shown, minus music because I used music from This Mortal Coil and I never got it copyright cleared because I figured it wouldn't be shown outside of school. I opted not to deal with legal bullshit so I told them to make a copy without any sound.
    Exhibition. We can only guess the exhibition is the display of Usher related material in a museum like fashion,. Expect art and things inspired by Usher August 28th-September 9th.
    Dan's Film is shown on the 28th of August.
    Performance - The performance is on September 10-13th. We think everything will take place in the Opera House in Grand Rapids.
    I haven't actually TALKED to the people, they leave answering maching messages.. I leave answering machine messages. It's all crazy.
(Updated August 18th)

Today I moved everything I wanted from GVSU to Xoom. Wow. It's annoying. But It's going to be much cooler because I can maintain a higher resolution on the pics, and that's what matters, right? Who cares about load time. Not me. School starts on the 31st. I will let you know what's going on with Ed and I this semester. Ed is once again taking 16mm film production. He dropped out last time because of issues back home. Hopefully he will get a better grade then I did (B-) WHATEVER, is all I got to say about that. I will take some pics of Ed working on his project and you will see them here before the semester is up. Which is good because since it is pretty much my page and Ed hasn't given me any pictures to scan it looks like everything is all about me, well umm  yeah. At least I don't feel right about it, though, right?
I worked at the Silverdome this past weekend. I held the microphone for the the TV stations. There were really big football players who almost killed me more then once. It was kinda fun. Then it rained REALLY hard and that wasn't fun. My first few minutes there they sent me to the Palace of Auburn Hills to track down a video tape of Detroit Scenics. Well the guy they sent me for left for lunch as soon as I got there. I couldn't get in the Palace, it was hell. FINALLY, I got ahold of someone who knew the guy so they got me inside. Then I found the girl who was supposed to know where he was. She sent me into an aisle of cubicles. Where he wasn't. Then everybody told me he was right there and I'm staring at the empty cubicle saying "no, he's not" Then I helped some guy with a copier (thanks Kinko's) and he turned out to have the tape. He wasn't the guy I was supposed to be looking for but he had the tape and that's all that mattered to me.
August 14,1998

Well I just got pictures back. They were from Two Chez, as well as other things. I don't have them all with me right now (I'm in Kalamazoo) but you'll get to see SOMETHING!

July 27,1998
So here they are: click here

Not really doing a lot of filmmaking lately. Ed is busy working on the summer film. One day I'm going to show up during the shooting and take pics of Ed. He puts the film in the camera! Very important job.
I am trying to learn Director 6.0. Then when I go home I'm going to teach it to Chrissy. This will give me a head start in class this fall and it will just give her a head start.

May 23

Thanks to Mr. Mark Geralds, Dan will be a part of an ESPN shoot in Lansing June 8-14. To thank Mark I will be taking him out to dinner when I get paid for it, along with Mark Samp as an apology for what happened when Mark G asked me "wanna make $1000 for a week's worth of work June 8-14?" and I stood up real fast and broke something of Mark Samp's

Our Fall Of The House Of Usher film was chosen to be included in the Phillip Glass Presentation of Usher. One other film from fellow students in 16mm Prod. 1 were also chosen.
I believe it will be late August when it is shown downtown Grand Rapids. It will most likely be in the form of stills shown on the walls.
YAY! Usher isn't really a Tres Cojones production but Ed did write it and I worked on it. I guess it falls under Four Too Oh Productions, okay? But we'll pretend that Four Too Oh is just a little part of Tres Cojones, there we go, glad to clear things up!

Finals week is at an end. Actually my difficult week was last week!
    Ed is in Chicago, hopefully sleeping and awaiting May 4th when he meets with Philbin and starts working on GVSU's Summer Film. J.H. Philbin is one of our many profs at GVSU.
    Dan is downtown in Grand Rapids. He will be going up north for a bit with Mr. Patrick Murphy and hopefully doing some script writing while he's up there. I want to write about 20 minutes of 'before Two Chez' stuff and videotape it in a few weeks, let it sit on a shelf for a bit and edit it in CFV 380 next January. I need to re-do the audio for Two Chez anyways since it sucks and I might as well add more scenes. Two Chez pretty much sucked because due to NO AUDIO I had to cut out a lot of STORY. We'll fix it. I'll let you know when Two Chez - Special Edition is out. Kinda funny because it WILL be digitally enhanced. (CFV380 is a digital editing class.)
    Ed wants to do a project this summer. Something he can edit at a later time. All we know so far is that we are going to blow up Stuart. (my piece of shit $100 car.) I think we should do a golfing movie. I just thought of that today. Ed probably won't like that idea.

April 22, 1998

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