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  • My Sister thinks she's funny.
  • Katrium - See what she's thinking.
  • Astron:Guido; Keeper of Cheese - Hannibal Lekter. I met him on the computer BEFORE the internet was cool. [See the BBS link on the right for more info.]
  • Do you know Chuck Firment? Trick Question...EVERYONE KNOWS CHUCK!
  • Kati:Wherefores, and the Art of being Redundant. I have talked to Kati on the computer for a long long long time. She used to run ENGLiSH ACiD in the early 90s WAY before I ever ran Strawberry Fields. She is one of the coolest girls ever. Yes, ever.
  • Ozan:Wreckneck's Revenge I will say that we have the same taste in women.
  • Sir Robin: This website is doomed to fail.
  • Morgan's Page - She's one of them crazy Grand Rapids girls.
  • Dryv Error: Battlefield Earth Revisited. He doesn't go by that name anymore but to hook up with Clan SoCo, go here. Settle down all you Quake freaks!
  • Xav:An introspective look into Scott This is the web page of Violent Femme's best friend.
  • Kelly: Maynard He's Not Kelly is who I ask when I actually try to program in HTML. Watch this very space for FRAMES and IMAGE MAPS coming soon to a web page you're on. On it you will find pics of Kelly and Maynard. Although Kelly is from the same TOWN as Maynard from Tool, this is a different Maynard. I am of the opinion that he should get a pic with the OTHER Maynard.
  • Hoppy: Sex Palace I used to work under Ray. Then his wife found out about us and tried to leave him. Now I just visit whenever Woody is around. Honestly I would go without woody but I would get lost getting there.
  • Bex:My Maine Girl Becca's Page. She's so fun to talk to! She's one of them there snow boarders. If anyone can get me on the slopes, it's her. I may end up going to Maine to see her this summer at Phish's multi-day show at Loring Airforce Base.
  • Here's Adrienne for ya... Buddha?
  • Kit's Page She's definitely got her own thing going on.

            Don't believe me? Read this:
            "School is almost out, which isn't so bad. No more drunken frat boys for at least a little while. I can't stand that scene. I try not to be too judgemental, but it terrifies me to think that alcohol + forgettable conversations = fun.

            A bird flew into our house the other day. I suppose that might be a sign of spring. It is also a sign of death.
            The bird was black and had gotten caught in the curtains. My mom set it free. Everytime a bird has entered our house, something bad has happened. My grandmother's death, Uncle Buzzy's death, Uncle Billy's boat accident, the boiler explosion.

            This is really bizarre. A few weeks before my mother met her old boyfriend, he found and killed a bird in someone's apartment. A couple of months later, he shot himself in our driveway. "

            Wow! Let me read the rest!


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