David Lapham wrote some online comics for The Matrix.

Ever think that it would be cool to play really old games?
Go to Underdog's or AbandonWare Ring homepage

How is your e-business doing? OH! THAT'S TOO BAD!

Jesus! It seems EVERYONE'S got a web page now.

Daman sent this link my way It's called suck.com.
  • Classmates Online - Find those people you didn't want to hang out with 10 years ago.
  • Censorship You really need a battle plan to fight it.
  • You would have never had though that Bert was Evil, would you have? But you'll know why if you check this out. Yes, I agree, it's a Four on the Colt Scale! This cat is cool! Just make sure you come back here sometime! This guy makes having a web page look easy.
  • Ok South Park fans.. ever wonder what Kenny is saying?
  • This is altogether too cool. If you're bored. Make it say "Do not attempt to call the police, we have your coffee table." and leave it on Darlene's answering machine. She'll love you for it. Really. If you try to type in fitter, happier, it will take a LONG time to download.
  • Festerworks. BBS. Web site.
        • I found a cool BBS. If you know what a BBS is without looking it try
          My name is Sgt. Pepper of course. The SysOp is really cool. I told him to install Sonic Hockey League... and he did. Way cool!
  • Hoppy's Hangout - My bud, Ray has his own hangout. Go now!
  • Live Chat (You need mIRC, Global Chat or similar software)
  • Get your Sneakers.. at Sneaker chat. (Java Based)
  • Yahooka - Yahoo! through a pair of 420 sunglasses.



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