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    Music is capable of doing incredible things to me. How you may ask?
    I borrow inspiration from Radiohead, for instance, just listening to Amnesiac the subjects and contexts of situations and moods the music takes me leads to me expressing creative paths.
    Music is one of the most important aspects of my existence. Where else lets me know for sure that other humans have felt what I have? It is what keeps me from feeling alone in this harsh world. I can listen to John Lennon scream in pain, as a cry for help to his dead mother. I can hear Trey Anastasio yelp a silly little song about Lima Beans which makes me smile.  I can lift my knees in the air like I just don't care and skank with Mustard Plug. I can let Pink Floyd, The Byrds, The Grateful Dead, Phish, Jefferson Airplane, His Name Is Alive, Procul Harum, DJ Space Ace or Radiohead pick me up, take me just north of the stratosphere and show me the world from a slightly different vantage point. Overbearing, this page may be, however if you were so inclined as to actually listen to this music you may find yourself walking along on blue Earth with a better stride in your step.


    My boy Dave Mitchell is doing music for the Danimatian Donovan's Travels [Coming Soon]

If in case there's some other band you may like, but you don't see it here, try this.



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