Allow me,

to express what the Beatles mean to me.

We may never fully realize the potential music can achieve.
But think for just a second on what we would be missing out on without it's existance.

You cannot comprehend! You cannot fathom!
You cannot imagine... especially if you factor in the cultural loss the world would have it four gentlemen from Liverpool never wanted to start a little skiffle band.

Some equate these men to gods. Some sods burn their albums and scream "rubbish!" Even the most uninformed of musical judges must give credit where it is due to the Beatles when discussing musical heights humanity has acheived.

My ears have "shown" me not only that the human race can create the most incredible treats. They have also shown me how human these men really are. Mis-sung takes and incomplete thoughts within songs emerge from the hours of tape these men gave the world. Look to the boxed set "Artifacts" for proof that Lennon created on a moment to moment basis, forever recreating himself along the way. Listen to "He Said, He Said" evolve as his musical insights change the song every attempt he gives it. That makes me feel a little better about not always writing the BEST dialogue. It helps me as I trudge through the WORST.

It makes me realize that every moment is a moment i can seize to make my significance to this reality something more than the moment before.

Watch me evolve. Watche me achieve

- Dan (1997)

"Wishing is more
effective than

waving flags.

It works.

It's like magic.

Magic is simple.

Magic is real."

Excerpt from LOVELETTER:
"A Love Letter From
John And Yoko
To People Who Ask Us What,
When, And Why."
May, 1979
New York City


This web site exists because back in 1993, I put a Bulletin Board online.
I called it:
Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields. Ever since I was old enough to place a record on a phonograph, I would listen to that song.
My fascination started slowly... just the blue & red albums initially. When CDs came out, my obsession got out of hand.
I had to own everything they commercially recorded.

Even later came the imports. (Anthology wouldn't be released for a long time.)
I didn't believe a CD should cost $30 dollars so I gave myself a discount. For every import I bought, I would steal one... a decent
rationalization when you're 16 years old. Now I await the remixing and remastering of the albums. The discs that are out now were all remastered in the early 80s. Digital Music technology has evolved since then. Did you notice the sound difference between any of the discs and the Yellow Submarine Songtrack? Take the YellowSub Soundtrack and listen to Hey Bulldog (with headphones.) Now put in YellowSub Songtrack and listen to Hey Bulldog now. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! You'll notice the same if you listen to Lucy In The Sky off of Sgt. Pepper and then listen to it on the YellowSub songtrack. The YellowSub songtrack was reMIXED. thats why it sounds so incredible. Its like a brand new song. The other discs were just reMASTERED. There is a difference.
2000 saw the release of Beatles 1, this contained remastered songs, but they were not remixed. Theres barely a noticeable difference between the songs on it and the rest of the catalog. I bet you could listen to it louder and not have as much tape noise audible.
Could this be followed by an all B-sides album entitled B?
Who knows...I think 1 and "B" will replace the Past Masters discs from the old collection. They're bound to remix the rest of the catalog soon, lets cross our fingers.
Play it loud. Music can be a beautiful experience
, especially when that music was created by John, Paul, Ringo & "Guitar" George.

- Dan (1999)

I finally got to see Liverpool in 2005.

Roll Up, Roll Up for the Magical Mystery Tour!!

Me in front of the George Harrison home and birthplace.


Strawberry Field.... forever.


Thank you, John, George, Paul & Ringo.



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