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This is the incomplete list of Concerts I have attended.

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Okay, this is pretty much just what I have ticket stubs for, I've been to more shows. Especially those little ska shows my friends play where you don't even get a ticket stub with the bands name.
I've seen Mustard Plug countless times but they're not on this list because I don't know where or when I saw them.
It's obvious I've been to my fair share of shows. I've ventured into mosh pits with Jeremy Horning. I've danced the night away with Phish on multiple New Years Eve's. I've skanked until my knees ached. I've seen RADIOHEAD in a HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM. Here is my account of where I've been, who I've seen and what I thought. These days I usually take along some ear plugs because if I don't my ears will ring for days. I like the ability to hear (especially since I utilize hearing when directing film, so the better care I take of my ears the better films I can make.)

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