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NYE 2000 Under a tent in the middle of the Everglades.
Waiting for Phish to play.



 Finding your way around.

  Who is this Dan guy anyway? Boy, you must have gotten lost somewhere!

(Stillshot from Rich Anderson's Spiral Bound Summer 2000 )

  Ok, now where was I. Oh yeah. So, you want to browse around my mind, eh? Well you'll have to settle for the digital representation of it. I can't let you use the electrons in my mind, but you can access these, they're floating around Yahoo! Geocities hard drives and if you click them in the right spot they will appear on your very screen. How cool is that? Ok, here is the index you will see all over my site, only they're all explained here.

  • Quotes. Say something funny or insightful around me and it just may end up here.
  • Comics What I've read. What I've dug. What I've not. What I'm Anxious about.
  • My Films. This is anything I may be working on or information about anything I've done in in the film world.
  • My Family. Eventually I will have witty stories about how I grew up in Farmington Hills, but for now there are just silly pictures.
  • Danisms, sometimes I just write and sometimes what I write ends up here.
  • iMac, therefore i Am. I bought this wonderful machine.
  • Guitar I can almost fumble through the strings of a guitar. Believe it or not.
  • BBS Talk about the good old BBSing days, when chatting with someone far away meant they weren't in bike riding distance.
  • Movies What I've seen. What I've thought about them. What I want to see.
  • Index. You're already here.
  • Links Where does Dan go when Dan surfs the web?
  • Music [TEMPORARILY OFFLINE] UNDER CONSTRUCTION What tunes I've picked up. What I want to pick up. What I've listened to lately.
  • Pals I bet you're wondering "Who does Dan hang out with?" Meet my Pals
  • Human Rights  This is my human rights page. It was originally going to be just for gay rights, but its all about any form of oppression now. 

Online since 1993? How can that be?

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